#Travelwear 1.0
Black lightning travelwear coat
Black Lightning travelwear pant
Green Houndstooth long dress
Gold crocodile pattern travelwear skirt
Gold crocodile pattern travelwear shirt
Black Lightning travelwear shirt
Flower print denim
The #Travelwear collection is inspired by traditional medical protective clothing and provides an additional layer of protection beyond daily clothes. It is luxury clothing for those who travel long-distance flights, go to crowded places, and dress for daily protection. Our looks can effectively block contact with the external environment, dust, dirt, and foreign objects. The fabric is water repellent, insulated, and with its super light and wrinkle-resistant design, people can enjoy traveling in the most relaxed and fashionable way.
Delivery window
Two to three months
Order deadline
31st March 2021
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Reichenberger Straße 147
10999 Berlin
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#DAMUR is dedicated to high-end streetwear and is constantly engaging in dialogue with its audience through the brand hashtag. In 2019, the brand was awarded the PREMIUM Young Talents Award and in January 2020, #DAMUR was invited for the 2nd time to present its collection “Berliner Republic” at Berlin Fashion Week. In October 2020, #DAMUR was present for the 2nd time in Taipei Fashion week and inaugurated its first #Travelwear collection. The designs are entirely made of the latest innovative non-woven textile with membrane from Taiwan, which can reach medical PPE standard – CNS P2 level.