Susumu Ai
Women Spring Summer 2023
Ribbon top
Paper bag pants with slit
Akira blouse
Camisole top
Sheer suit blazer
Camisole A line dress
Short blouse with back line
Long skirt with multiple buttons
Floral lace top
Wrap dress
Bridal Corsage
Sheer long skirt
Sheer suit trouser
Wrap top
Camisole wrap dress/top
Wrap dress short sleeve
Silver top
Silver trouser
Silver blazer
Bridal veil
SUSUMU AI creates sustainable wedding dresses for the modern bride. The designer Alisa created a wedding dream world for customers with a high demand on design, Japanese kimono material and perfect fit. Flowing fabrics, delicate lace and that certain detail distinguishes the bridal fashion of SUSUMU AI. SUSUMU AI offers the perfect bridal outfit for every wedding: it is simple, minimalistic and modern. This Bridal Line is tailor-made for each bride or is offered in the respective sizes from 34 to 42 as an option for rental. On our website you can book an appointment for your most customized bridal outfit or choose the rental option. We offer the modern bride a modular option, as every single item can be combined with all of them. Even in everyday life, when the wedding is over, it can be perfectly combined with jeans or tshirt for everyday wear.
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Susumu Ai GmbH
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Susumu Ai – Japanese for “continuous love” is a family company whose namesake motto is manifested in the way they work – from design to fabrics to manufacturing. That’s why the company values timeless garments that can be worn for almost any occasion and are so well made that they will last a lifetime and be passed on to the next generation. In doing so, Susumu Ai also wants to preserve traditional Japanese craftsmanship. In the garments, traditional Japanese fabrics and kimono patterns, forgotten in today’s fashion, meet the European zeitgeist, made in Germany by Susumu Ai.