Natures of Conflict
Spring/Summer 2022 Pan-Suit
#1401 Pan-Shirt V
#1401 Pan-Shirt V
#1402 Pan-Shirt
#1403 Pan-Pants
#1404 Pan-Pants 3/4
#1405 Pan-Bermuda
#1406 Pan-Jacket
#1407 Pan-Dress
#1408 Pan-Tunic
#1409 Urban-Turban
The Pan-Suit Spring/Summer 2022 is NoC’s suggestion of an outfit to get you through the next summer pandemic or any summer really. The Pan-Suit is created with a strong sense for the here and now and the search for future classics, with the highest comfort for the wearer in mind. A suit for all movements or none movements at all, whatever comforts you at the very moment. Outgoing, gentle but bold clothing in a mix of pastels and natural colors, in easy to care summer fabrics made from linen, cotton, hemp and viscose The suit stays true to the ideal of The Seasonal, having one outfit that offers good companionship through every aspect of your life, may it be in lock-down or on summer vacation. We hope you enjoy the Pan-Suit we created for next summer. Wether we are traveling in our dreams or on trains we do it in style and at ease. We feel it’s high time for relaxed, but outstanding clothes. Looking good and feeling comfortable should be no contradiction at all.
Delivery window
End January - End February
Order deadline
end of October
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Launched in 2008, Natures Of Conflict is the joint project of Kathrin Lugbauer and Nora Berger, both graduates of the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Their simple and honest designs combine the practicality of classic workwear and uniforms with delicate details and high quality materials from around the world. Natures of Conflict seeks to bring out the individuality and elegance of each wearer, as well as the freedom and ease of gender-neutral wardrobe that responds to the diversity of society.