BLACK BASE Long Season
#1813 Black Magic Body
#1909 Schnitzler
#1820 Habemus Papam
#WL32019 Wonderbody
#2019 RO2DNA
#2011 Fishermen Top
#2021 Fishermen Thong
#2009 Regular N.M.F Top
#2010 Regular N.M.F Thong
#1807 Black Magic Pants
#1806 Black Magic Top
#1814 Black Cloud Top
#1913 Softie
The BLACK BASE collection has everything you need to melt into the armchair in a Viennese coffee house with a Mélange and shallow literature in your hand. Timeless everyday companions made of soft, breathable, and sustainable fabrics. The collection follows high sustainability standards: MicroModal yarn from Austria, spun to fabric in Italy, elastics sourced from Germany and manufactured under fair working conditions in Croatia and Slovakia to keep transport to a minimum.
Delivery window
approx. 3 months after placing an order (Beginning of March to Beginning of June)
Order deadline
No Deadline - Long Season available throughout the year
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The Young & The Sexless
#2013 Cuddle Club
#2016 FOBO
#2015 Swipe Left Slip
#2014 Swipe Left Top
QUESTIONING THE OVERSEXUALIZATION OF UNDERWEAR If something exists, there is porn of it. Although people chat about polyamory at breakfast, the Teen Vogue anal sex report is discussed at lunchtime and the latest additions to the sex doll market are analyzed during dinner with friends, the modern libido is slowly shrinking to the size of a Higgs boson particle. Fine-Rib bodywear with futuristic, minimalist design is for all people to whom sexting is in their everyday vocabulary, but have refrained from the IRL act.
Delivery window
approx. 3 months after placing an order (Beginning of March to Beginning of June)
Order deadline
End of March/Mid April
© @Margarit Keller
Miyagi GesbR
Pressgasse 29/18
1040 Vienna
M. +43 6767453051
MIYAGI transforms traditional underwear into wearable everyday pieces. With clear lines and a deliberate restriction of materials, the design language focuses on the essential ingredients of underwear while adding a sense of multifunctionality. From the office, on to the yoga mat and into the club - the forward-thinking designs allow maximum versatility. The entire manufacturing process is based on environmental consciousness and fair working conditions, all the way from the fiber to the underwear drawer.