Luca Xavier Tanner
Art and it's wardrobe AW 21/22
Ottoman Float Shirt
Ottoman Float Top
Ottoman Float Pants
Ottoman Float Dress
Circle Stripe Float Shirt
Stripe Float Pants
Stripe Float Skirt
Stripe Float Scarf Short
Stripe Float Beanie
Oval Turtleneck Jumper Women
Plated Oval Shirt
Focused on Knitwear / Unisex collection The new collection is inspired by the uniforms of artists and creatives. The collection gets its recognizable look through robust, plain-colored materials as well as useful details that run repetitively through the silhouettes. An artist's wardrobe is created. A strong image of an artist’s presence has always fascinated me. Often the clothes are integrated into the overall picture and are part of the staging. Joseph Beuys, who merge his hat as an art object in his work and which is now automatically associated with the artist. Or the colorful world of Pipilotti Rist, which, as an extension of her art, also plays on her body. Parts of the collection should also be able to accompany a creative person in his everyday work. Functionalities of an overall or utility jacket are taken up and fused into the collection. Parts should support the wearer in their work - not hinder them. A lot of freedom of movement also allows work on the floor, with pockets and processing details, helpful utensils such as brushes and pencils can be integrated into clothing. The clothing should not only support as a utilitarian object, but also represent the personality of the artist and their work. The clothing merges into the artist's overall work and expands it. The work process is taken up in forms of spots or traces of oil paint and other materials and results in personalized detail. The new collection examines the effect of circles on the body. Circular lines and roundings play on the parts in the cut.
Delivery window
April - May Open to any other Delivery window The items can be produced at any time
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End of March or tbd
© Sarah Koeke / Runway pictures by Mode Suisse Alexander Palacios
Bag Collection SS22
Bag long
Bag small
The bag collection is inspired by waist bags and gift wrapping The bag consists of a single pattern only which is folded during the manufacturing process Due to the movement fold, the bag can be worn in a variety of ways 4 Sizes / 6 different colors
Delivery window
End of October (1st drop)
Order deadline
End of October (But can always be ordered or reordered)
Luca Xavier Tanner
Luca Xavier Tanner
Gartenstrasse 39
2502 Biel
T. +41 797318527
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The label Luca Xavier Tanner was founded in 2020, only shortly after its designer’s graduation at Head in Geneva. Now located in Zurich, the designer works with a small number of individuals to develop his designs. Somatic, tactile and challenging – when designing new pieces, the human body is always in focus. Luca Xavier Tanner claims fashion as a tool of nonverbal expression for all of us. Thus, all garments are interpreted as an extension of oneself, playing with the malleability of identities. Sculptural elements entwine around the body, forming geometric shapes and resulting in interesting elaborated pieces. Whilst playing with proportion and redefined patterns, all garments are constructed with an eye for logic. Overseeing the whole process of the production is of great importance for Luca Xavier Tanner; all woven garments are produced in Switzerland; all Knitwear is produced in the Netherlands and any Leather goods are made in Hungary.