Johanna Gauder
Collection #6
Earring No 34
Necklace No 18
Keychain No 1
Keychain No 2
Necklace No 17
Keychain No 2_with pendant
Earring No 29
Earring No 32
Keychain No 1_with pendant
Earring No 35
Necklace No 18_with pendant
Earring No 33
Earring No 31
Earring No 30
Ring No 34
Ring No 33
Ring No 32
Ring No 31
Bracelet No 14
Collection #6 is all about connectivity. The unisex collection focuses on bold and organically shaped silver jewels. All pieces are made from recycled silver and are made in Germany.
Delivery window
8 weeks
Order deadline
Ongoing collections - no order deadline
© Elena Breuer (Lookbook), Jordann Wood (Product images)
Johanna Gauder
Johanna Gauder
Schillerpromenade 14
12049 Berlin
T. +49 30 555 962 22
M. +49 152 534 728 80
Johanna Gauder is a German product designer and goldsmith. Her eponymous Berlin-based label is a link between both disciplines with the aim to balance handcrafted, authentic jewelry with a contemporary design language. Each piece is characterized by clear and unique forms that is combined with quality and technical precision meant to endure. Furthermore, Gauder utilizes recycled silver and gold for each creation, crafting all pieces by hand in Germany.