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With this collection FLorian wants to go for a mood of festiveness, a feel of solemn gravity, celebrating the golden sun shining in bright light. Therefor, Solaris brings a little sunshine to escort you through the dark time of the year! Besides the materials in deep yellow and pure raw gold, there are lighter shades, combined with crystals in tones of bronze and honey together with chain in galvanized brass and anodized aluminium… The collection features a full range of necklaces in all sizes and lengths, styles, earrings and clips, and also a few wooden pendants, gilded by hand. ENJOY SOLAR SOLEMNITY! Full collection on the link below: https://www.beatica.com/b2b/
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Florian Jewelry
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Florian Ladstätter is the Vienna-based designer behind eponymous jewelry brand FLorian. FLorian designs range from simple beaded necklaces to epic sculptural body adornments. His pieces bring several concepts together with a wealth of references, theories, contexts and inspirations, inevitable with any design worth its merit, yet FLorian can be simply enjoyed too. References aside, its beauty speaks clear enough on face value. After focusing on opaque colours, simple round beads and organic shapes for the past two seasons, the SS21 collection is all about the opposite, facetted, clear and sparkling geometric crystal. To get the most out of the vivid refraction and glitter, the designer added a touch of colour in five pastel palettes: yellow and beige, blue, green and rose, pink, and mixed tones, revealing an enchanting effect, when the light is bouncing from each bead to create a permanently changing intensity of colour. Inspired by the surface texture of water and artifacts from architecture to interiors Florian invites the wearers of his pieces to bask in the light. As far as materials, this collection combines beautiful Swarovski crystals with acrylic beads that are dyed in-house to achieve the perfect shade. Alongside all the classic necklaces styles the collection offers a range of earrings.