Collection zero
SOLIA trousers
LYTO hoodie
MAPE longsleeve
OCTO dress
WASTENO jersey trousers
HEALED t-shirt
IPIA blouse
AFTI jumpsuit
ROI long scarf
BENDY dress
LASSA dress print
LASSA dress
BUREO dress
EVRY coat
ENOSI jacket denim
ROES coat
ENOSI jacket corduroy
Number 0 (zero) is a starting point for a reflection on a space between beginning and end. Inspired by the movement of thoughts in the mind, the wave became the leitmotif for the collection. Relying on fluidity to convey the appearance and qualities of a living thing all pieces are created for maximum comfort and wearability beyond seasons. The use of bulbous lines, rounded edges, and openings is both decorative and structural, supporting the garment’s function e.g. interlaced belts and ties. Waning away from what is representative and geometric, collection zero leans towards what seems spontaneous and irrational. The act of blending identifiable references to curves is an attempt to entice connection on a much primal level. It’s all about finding pleasure in dressing and introducing play elements within the structure of the garment. Eschewing formal conventions by rounding up the garment’s grid, collection zero is designed to satisfy the need for originality with its deconstructed outwear and flowing silhouettes.
Delivery window
Depending on the volume, between 8-10 weeks after placing the order.
Order deadline
"Collection zero" of fashion staples - made to order End of October-mid November, also can be reordered
© Weronika Walijewska (lookbook) © Tatiana + Karol (campaign)
Niepodległości 47
64-100 Leszno
M. +48600918683
aporeei is an emerging brand currently based in Warsaw with a Swiss backbone. Founded in 2019 by Beata Modrzynska, a HEAD-Genève graduate, it articulates a modern-day sensuality through distinct use of holes, curves and blobby shapes as building blocks of an eclectic silhouette. Underpinned by a drive for experimentation and playful blend of sophistication & comfort, the brand affirms aliveness by eschewing fashion archetypes. Across the collection, heavily engineered pieces are juxtaposed with easy-to-wear styles accentuating the body in unexpected ways. The brand stems from a vision of an amplified and deeper relationship with things around us. In such a world, aporeei clothes are just an opening through which one can stand as is, yet become something more in the act of dressing.